ON (Optimum Nutrition) Serious Mass, 6 lb, Chocolate


  •       Serving Size – 334g
  •       Calories per Serving – 1263
  •       Protein per Serving – 50g
  •       Flavor – Chocolate
  •       Goal – Bulking up
  •       Other Ingredients – Protein Blend, Cocoa, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Citrate, Folic Acid etc.

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Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass High Protein Weight Gainer Powder:

A lot of people are struggling hard with low body weights and finds it very difficult to gain a bulky muscular body. The basic requirement to gain weight is to consume additional calories every day.

When the calorie requirement is excessively high, it gets almost impossible to meet the requirement through diet alone. This is where the gainers come into play. They basically provide extra calories in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats when included in one’s daily regime in addition to diet.

Optimum Nutrition is worldwide renowned brand and ON Serious Mass is known for its wonderful results in terms of mass gaining. It is very high in carbohydrates as well as proteins, which when combined with a high calorie diet leads to muscle gain along with healthy weight gain.


Nutrition facts per serving for ON Serious Mass High Protein Weight Gainer:

A serving of ON Serious Mass is 2 Scoops (334 g), and its 6 lb box consists of 8 servings. One serving provides 1263 Kcal, via 254 g carbohydrate, 50 g protein and 3 g fat along with various micronutrients.

It also provides of 1 g Creatine Monohydrate and 1 g L- Glutamine per serving.



The major ingredients consist of Protein Blend (whey protein concentrate, Calcium caseinate, Egg albumen, sweet dairy whey), Creatine Monohydrate, L- glutamine, vitamins and minerals, Medium Chain Triglycerides along with some other ingredients.


Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Benefits:

It is extremely beneficial for people seeking mass gaining, due to the following reasons:

  1. It provides 1263 Kcal per serving, which when combined with diet helps to meet even a very high calorie requirement for mass gaining in much feasible way. It is very convenient to add such high calories to diet only through one serving of ON Serious Mass High Protein Weight Gainer.
  2. As it also provides 50 g of protein per serving, it is extremely beneficial for gaining muscle mass.
  3. It consists of protein blends, which means a combination of different types of protein. Studies show that a combination of different types of protein leads to the formation of a better protein which in turn provides better muscle growth.
  4. It also packs various essential vitamins and minerals which helps with overall fitness as well as supports the appropriate utilization of macro- nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) in the body.
  5. Creatine and glutamine present in it helps in improving strength and muscle recovery respectively.
  6. It is a tasty and convenient way to add surplus calories to the diet.

Usage and Dosage:

ON Serious Mass can be consumed in water, milk as well as milk shakes, 2-3 times a day. Dosage varies from person to person, depending upon their individual calorie requirement for weight gain and calories consumed through diet.

Limitations and Precautions:

Some people may find ON Serious Mass a bit expensive to their pocket, but it is not recommended to opt for a very cheap and local brand which might not be certified for safety or might not do any good. In that case, one can have smaller dosages of ON Serious Mass added in Banana- Peanut butter shake with nuts and oats (to increase calories) and add more calorie- dense foods to diet, so that the supplement may last for long.

ON Serious Mass is mostly safe for use; however, one needs to consult their physician or nutrition expert in case of any medical condition.



Is mass gainer good for gaining weight:

Mass gainer is a convenient option to add plenty of calories to diet via proteins and carbohydrates majorly, which helps in gaining muscles as well as healthy weight in smaller duration than usual.

However, it is imperative to follow an excellent workout regime when taking a mass gainer, to prevent deposition of excess and unwanted fat on the undesired areas (belly, thighs etc). If in case there is a little fat accumulation in these areas, even after following a good exercise regime, this can be shredded during the cutting phase once the bulking phase gets over.

How many grams is a scoop of ON Serious Mass Gainer?

As mentioned on the box, 2 Scoops of ON Serious Mass Gainer are equal to 334 g which means one scoops of it weighs 167 g.

How to take ON Serious Mass High Protein Weight Gainer!

Usage depends upon how much calories you want to add through the supplement, as well as how much time can you devote for the preparation. It can be taken in water, which will provide calories as per the amount of supplement consumed. It doesn’t have any calories other than the supplement. If you want to increase the calories further:

  • you can have it in milk,
  • if you have enough time for preparation, you can make banana shake (or any fruit shake) with nuts, peanut butter, etc and add the supplement to it.

Adding ON Serious Mass to milk or Shakes will further add to the calorie consumption.

However, this should always be kept in mind that one can only eat or drink as per one’s own capacity. It’s practically impossible to have a calorie dense diet and 2 scoops of ON Serious mass in banana- peanut butter shake from the very first day of starting a weight gain regime. One needs to start with moderately high calorie diet with low dosage of ON Serious Mass in water. Once the body adapts to it, then gradually increase the quantity and add shakes.

When should I take Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass!

The best way to have ON Serious Mass is to divide the serving to be consumed in a day in 2-3 parts depending upon the quantity to be taken per day. It can be consumed early morning, post workout and timings between the major meals (such as between breakfast and lunch). Do not have it post lunch or dinner as body already has enough calories at that time.

How much ON Serious Mass High Protein Weight Gainer to be consumed per day!

For most people, the dosage for ON Serious Mass lies between 0.5- 2 scoops per day, however this may vary as per individual targets.

How good is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass!

ON Serious Mass is one of the top selling mass gainers, owing to its calorie dense composition and wonderful results. However, it is very essential to follow a good diet and exercise schedule for best results. Also, people having any allergies should always check the supplement for any ingredients that may induce allergy in them.


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